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The Phoenix Bahá’í Community is comprised of several neighborhood & sector groups that have various kinds of meetings, including devotional meetings, study circles, children’s classes, junior youth groups & youth activities, as well as informal gatherings of friends, families & neighbors. If you are interested in meeting Bahá’ís, please send an email to the “Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Phoenix” at phoenixbahai@gmail.com.

If you would like information in Spanish, please call Marilyn Sánchez602/575-7013. Si usted desea mas información en español, favor de comunicarse con Marilyn Sánchez: 602/575-7013.

The first Sunday of very month there is an Interfaith Devotional Meeting at the Phoenix Bahá’í Center. Healing Racism through the Arts is usually the theme. For details of the programs Click Here. For more information contact Debra Momom: debramomom@hotmail.com.

The Phoenix Bahá’í Center is located at: 

944 E Mountain View Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85020-2123

Devotional Meetings are small, informal group gatherings where we join for prayers and fellowship.  It is the perfect place for you to learn about the Faith and meet some Bahá’ís.  These are held every month.

For information about other Bahá’í gatherings, please contact the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Phoenix: 602/516-5375, phoenixbahai@gmail.com.

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